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Much like previous years, we will be in full force at WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH with our very own Pedro Rodriguez and media team! To make sure we get coverage of as many cymbal lines as possible, we are looking to double check our list of performing groups using Seavine products this winter. If you and your group are wearing The Cymbal Gloves or our other products please fill out the form below.

We only need one person from each group to fill this out!

***If you see one of our media team members in your lot, please help them get the best spot possible to record you!

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PASIC Clinic a Huge Success!

On Friday November 10th in Indianapolis, Seavine made history at PASIC presenting the first known marching cymbal clinic! With the help of the Rhythm X Plateline and Drumset Player Zachary Hudson, Chelsea Levine gave insight on how to best implement and teach a marching cymbal line. In the session they went over topics such as parallels of cymbal basics to other battery instruments, cymbal technique, and how to incorporate music and visuals into a production. "This was a very unique opportunity to publicly express some overlooked functions for cymbal lines, and how they can positively influence the show as a whole," Christopher Carlin of the Rhythm X Plateline said.


"Being included in a PASIC clinic was an exciting view into the educational side of the percussive arts," second year Rhythm X cymbal player Adrian Amegashi said. "This year was the first PASIC and I hope to be able to take part in future cymbal education clinics to spread the obscure art."

We also took this opportunity to hold our first live stream via Facebook. The clinic entitled, Designing and Marching for Modern Marching Cymbals was viewed far and wide with views counts approaching 4,000! If you'd like to watch or rematch the clinic yourself head here or go to our Facebook page.

We caught up with Alex Huizen, three year member and ageout of RXP after the clinic. "Being a part of the Seavine marching cymbal clinic was a very rewarding experience. Providing visual aid to educators hoping to further develop their programs cymbal line made me feel hopeful for young cymbal players. I spoke with young aspiring marchers after the clinic about cymbals and my journey as a cymbal player; encouraging them to never give up on their dreams."

"I'm extremely humbled by the turn out and feedback from the PASIC clinic," Chelsea said. "I look forward to future opportunities to help spread cymbal education to anyone who is interested."

If you or anyone you know is interested in hosting a clinic or learning more about cymbals send an email to info@seavine.co and we'll help anyway we can! 

Once again thank you to PASIC, SABIAN, Rhythm X, and Lot Riot for all their help with the clinic!

Seavine goes to PASIC with the Rhythm X Plateline!


We are excited to announce that Seavine owner Chelsea Levine will be presenting a clinic at PASIC 2017! This clinic is a year in the making and she couldn't be more excited for the opportunity to come to fruition. 


The clinic is entitled, "Teaching and Designing for Modern Marching Cymbals" and will include the 2017 Rhythm X Plateline and Drumset player as the demonstrators. This educational opportunity will be geared towards band and percussion directors who may not have a cymbal tech or cymbal experience. The goal is to give educators and designers the confidence they need to successfully and effectively field a modern marching cymbal line. 

Chelsea, with the help of RXP, will go through various training exercises for their foundation of technique as well as their ideologies of music and visual writing.

Huge thank you to PASIC, SABIAN Cymbals, and Rhythm X for helping make this happen. If you're interested in learning more about cymbals come check out the clinic on Friday November 10th at 4PM in room 205 of the Indiana Convention Center.

Bluecoats Present Jagged Line and Seavine

We are proud to announce the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps are using The Hornline Gloves by Seavine for the 2017 DCI season! When we were approached by the Bluecoats to help outfit the hornline with their new uniforms we could not have been more excited.

With a fresh new look for their production of Jagged Line, Bloo contemplates the nature of contrast and variation through four iconic artists never afraid to explore the possibility of divergence. The Bluecoats we all know and love have a reputation for pushing the envelope and not being afraid to innovate within the marching arts. With larger than life props, hip music, and uniforms that no one has ever dreamed to be so cool, we are thrilled to be teamed up with such a prestigious organization. To learn more about #Bloo17 head to www.bluecoats.org or on social media here.

The Blue Devils join Team Seavine with The Hornline Gloves!

We are ecstatic to announce that The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps are spearheading DCI with The Hornline Gloves by Seavine this summer! Discussions for this partnership have been a year in the making. To see the corps perform on the field with our products is immensely humbling.

"Seavine Hornline Gloves and this exciting relationship are a wonderful addition to the BDPA family. The gloves look great, feel great, and can hold up to the intense daily demands of a top drum corps. And our designers love the freedom and ability to customize colors and prints to fully realize the corps' look with any given program.” says Justin Heimbecker, CEO of BDPA.

With their 2017 production, Metamorph, The Blue Devils show the transformation of the marching activity through music, design, and costuming and where it’s going. Our helio colored Hornline Gloves are a hip addition to their diverse 2017 uniform.

For more information on The Hornline Gloves head to: www.seavine.co/hornlinegloves or send an email to info@seavine.co. To follow BD on their summer tour give them a follow on social media or check out their website!


2017 WGI Championships Media Coverage Sign up!


Much like last year, we will be in full force at WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH with our very own Pedro Rodriguez and media team! To make sure we get coverage of as many people as possible, we are looking to double check our list of performing groups using Seavine products this winter. If you and your group are wearing The Cymbal Gloves please fill out the form below.

We only need one person from each group to fill this out!

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Seavine on The Grid Book Radio Show!

We are humbled to have sat down with our good friends at The Grid Book Series for the 5th episode of Grid Book Radio!  These drum dudes have been genuinely interested in Seavine and the cymbal community since day one and have taken real steps to help us spread the love and knowledge.  In this episode, Seavine owner Chelsea Levine chats about percussion education, cymbal culture, and the reveal of our newest product line, The Hornline Gloves!! (Stay tuned for website updates in the coming weeks with product photos and purchasing information.)

We want to thank Mark and John from The Grid Book Series for their passion in music education and their general cool approach to everything they do.  If you aren't familiar with The Grid Book you have to go check it out now! Seriously, GO! They not only have arguably the most useful literature on the market for modern drumming but also create some of the best media content and social presence that's out there.


Now sit back, listen to the great tunes, and enjoy this one of a kind chat about cymbals!

WGI 2016 Wrap Up!

About two weeks have passed since Winter Guard International Championships and we are still on cloud 9 from all of the excitement. With our Red Carpet Event, booth, performances, the countless pairs of The Cymbal Gloves being worn, and media in full force, our time in Dayton, OH was no short of amazing.

We had the pleasure of meeting the most talented performers the activity has to offer at our booth in the big white tent.  Having everyone walk the red carpet for a photo op and to autograph our poster was something special.  At the event, there were performers from every class of both Scholastic and Independent lines.  Talking shop with you all and hearing about your seasons was a huge pay off and reward for us. Another notable Seavine booth activity was the birth of the game FLIP! Similar to the common basketball game of HORSE, cymbal players would challenge each other with new visuals, tricks, and techniques trying to get the other one “out” and in turn created an environment for teaching and comradery.  This will certainly be a game you’ll see with us in the future!

The other big hit from the weekend at the booth were the Seavine Sunglasses and the debut of our new t-shirt.  At $5 a pair, we had hundreds of protected eyes and the coolest of cymbal players in the lot rocking our shades.  We certainly plan to bring these back next year! As for our new super soft shirts, they proudly sport a cymbal player and our favorite hashtag, #cymbalgloves. Huge thanks to Megan, Mark, and Caleb for making the experience what it was for our cymbal lines! 


You may have seen him in the front row of side 2 in the arena, standing behind his camera in your lot, or eating a sandwich while in transit to capture more video footage, our very own Pedro Rodriguez was all over UD Arena! When the weekend concluded, he managed to get over 7,000 photos, two days worth of video footage, and sore legs to last a week! We’ve already started to roll out our 2016 WGI Media Vault on seavine.co and can’t wait for you all to see the final product.  I think we can all agree that Pedro has become a staple of the cymbal community and his art means so much to us all.

Speaking of media, did you see our Snapchat geofilter at UD Arena on Saturday? We received dozens of Snaps of our colorful cymbal dude and logo from inside the arena and out in the lot . You guys killed it with the social media all week long and we loved seeing the representation!   


Thank you again Seavine Fam for making this winter season the best we have ever experienced.  Keep pushing the cymbal activity and we’ll continue to showcase and support all of your greatness!

Seavine sits down with the Marching Roundtable!

A few weeks ago Seavine founder, Chelsea Levine, had the opportunity to sit down with Tim Hinton from the Marching Roundtable. By his side was Matt Verburg from Lot Riot and Paul Weber, percussion specialist for the episode all about cymbals.

"It was great to reminsice about the early makings of Seavine and The Κψµβοσ Scholarship," says Chelsea.  Throughout the episode you can hear about how we got our start and the exciting journey we've taken to get us to where we are today.  In addition to this discussion, you'll also get a better understanding of the ever successful state of marching cymbals and their positive growth over the past few years.

In conclusion to the episode Paul stated, "I admire your creativity and initiative to create this product [The Cymbal Gloves] and really respect the fact that you put it towards the [Κψµβοσ] Scholarship and what that's really doing for the cymbal community." To hear the episode in it's entirety you can download the episode from iTunes or click on the link here directly from the Marching Roundtable website!

Thank you again to Tim for having on his show and we look forward to more chats in the future!

Seavine Media Vault goes live!

Seavine Media Vault goes live!

This August Seavine launched its most ambitious project yet, the Media Vault.  Through the lens of our ever so talented videographer and photographer, Pedro Rodriguez, we were able to capture all of our world class DCI cymbal lines who are partnered with Seavine.  It is our hope to make seavine.co the best outlet to watch cymbal lines around the world up close and personal throughout a given marching season.

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Seavine welcomes Pedro Rodriquez to the Team!

Seavine is ecstatic to announce the addition of Pedro Rodriquez to the team as Creative Content Designer!  Many of you have probably seen his quality and emotional photos and videos surfacing on the internet like rapid fire. Pedro has an incredible talent and eye for photography and is able to capture moments of marching performers like no one we have ever seen.  It was an obvious choice to bring him on board and we can’t wait to create more and more content of Seavine cymbal lines in the future.  “I’m happy to be part of Seavine and something new.  It’s really great to part of a company that has my same mindset when it comes to the importance of the performers and that gives me an outlet for my passion for photography,” Pedro described.  To start, you will see Pedro at many west coast shows throughout the DCI season and will also be in the lot at the Drum Corps International San Antonio regional this summer for us.  

If you haven’t already, check out Pedro’s Facebook and Instagram pages @Pedro Rodriguez Art and the Seavine pages for his latest work. Give Pedro a big cymbal welcome!

2015 WGI Κψμβοσ Scholarship Winners!

Never has a mass exodus of money from our bank account felt so good! Yesterday our partners at  announced the 2015 WGI Κψμβοσ Scholarship winners.  The result? Eight incredibly talented, excited, and humble cymbal players from all over the country with a check in the mail to help pay off the remainder of the membership fees.  With every pair of The Cymbal Gloves, Cymple Pad Covers, and t-shirt sold, 100% of the profit goes right back into the hands of cymbal players.  Seavine is thrilled that our soul purpose and business model is for this worthy cause.  Take a moment and checkout the official announcement on the Κψμβοσ Facebook page and congratulate all of the wonderful performers!



A Fresh New Look

If you're reading this blog post you have found yourself on the new and improved Official Cymbal Gloves website.  When we founded our first e-commerce store two Novembers ago, our goal was to give our customers a streamlined way to see our product and pay for it online.  Little did we know that this would not only make The Cymbal Gloves more accessible to the general public, but it would skyrocket its popularity all over the world.  Since we've taken The Cymbal Gloves online, we have overcome many obstacles including keeping up with the demand of the cymbal community, speeding up production/turn around time, and sourcing the best quality manufacturer we could find.  

With all of the continued success, which can only be attributed to the countless cymbal players who have purchased The Cymbal Gloves over the years, we are approaching a huge milestone when it comes to the founding of The Κψμβοσ Scholarship. Once we wrap up this round of the WGI scholarship, we will hit $10,000 that have been donated to cymbal players!  We only have this to celebrate because of the incredible clients aka the most supportive and talented educators and performers in the marching activity.

On February 13th, 2015 we find ourselves incredibly excited for the future. Since we have more than one product to offer on our website, we have rebranded and are moving forward with the name we've always had on paper, Seavine Co.  Rest easy though, www.seavine.co is accessible and always will be accessible through www.cymbalgloves.com. In the pipeline we have more products coming your way, meetings with our manufacturer to continue to improve and evolve The Cymbal Gloves, and new ways that we can give back to cymbal players in the very near future.

You see it every time you open your latest order of The Cymbal Gloves in the included note, but once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for the wellbeing, innovation, and growth of cymbal playing and The Κψμβοσ Scholarship everywhere!

As always- Different Methods, Same Madness,

Chelsea Levine & Jack Borland