"It's about time!!!  Finally there is a product on the market that takes the needs of the serious cymbal player seriously. The Cymbal Glove made by Seavine is simply put... STELLAR!  Every detail about the needs of a marching cymbalist has been carefully considered in the design, and the craftsmanship and raw materials utilized are second to none. Combine all of these traits with a price tag that is shockingly low, and you have a MUST BUY for your marching ensemble.  There is no doubt that Chelsea Levine, Seavine, and the one and only Cymbal Gloves has propelled our Western Carolina University cymbal section forward in a BIG WAY!!!  Thank you Chelsea Levine and Seavine.  You are the absolute BEST!!!!!"

Matt Henley

Assistant Director of Bands at Western Carolina University

"I choose to have my students use The Original Cymbal Gloves because I believe it gives them the best opportunity to have a great experience.  Whether it'd be receiving money from The Κψμβοσ Scholarship or having a better flip up on count 5 before the rep, The Cymbal Gloves give them that chance.  At the end of the day, the experience is what it's all about."

Matt Poulos

Cymbal Technician - Madison Scouts, Redline Percussion, Plymouth-Canton Educational Park,      & South Lyon High School


“In the fall of 2011 I was introduced to the Cymbal Gloves by another member of the cymbal community. Up until that point we had been trying out several different things to keep the performers arms and wrists from getting strap burns as we began experimenting with some of the newest vocabulary on the visual side of things. Upon receiving our first order the impact was instantaneous. Our members finally had the freedom and comfort to push the boundaries of their instrument while alleviating some of the discomfort and pain associated with striving for the levels of creative excellence we aim to achieve here at OC Indoor.

Chelsea and Jack are consummate professionals, are very easy to work with, are passionate about their craft, and are very supportive of the groups that use their products. They’ve even developed a yearly Cymbal Scholarship that continues to help members in our community achieve their goals and dreams of marching in DCI or WGI. How cool is that? Cymbal players helping cymbal players! It doesn’t get any better than that.

I would absolutely recommend these Cymbal Gloves to anyone interested in the art of cymbal playing. Whether it be maximizing your performance as member of a cymbal line or if you’re instructing a group and want to help the members achieve at a higher level, these gloves are truly a World Class product and will be of a huge benefit to you and your students.”

Joshua Madrid

Cymbal Technician - OC Indoor - Percussion Independent World Class 

My relationship with The Cymbal Gloves started in 2011.  I have made sure to purchase them for all my groups that I have been involved with.  No more burns on the wrists, no more thumbs sticking, and it makes you feel like a complete B.A.

On top of all this, your purchase is extending the life of our cymbal community!  I have personally had 2 students receive The Κψμβοσ Scholarship.  Knowing my money and the kids money is going back to them, makes the purchase very worth it and rewarding.

Big thank you to Chelsea and Jack for their continuous hard work to make sure that there is a future for cymbal lines in both WGI and DCI!"

Emily Jones

Cymbal Technician - Matrix Cymbal Line and Avon World Cymbal Line


"The most unique thing about Seavine Co is their business model; creating continuous growth within the cymbal community by supplying a great tool to performers, with all proceeds going right back into the activity through The Κψμβοσ Scholarship.  Knowing that fellow cymbal players are looking out for your best interests while helping overcome the financial strain of the activity is an excellent representation of the passion they have for their work.  The professionalism and willingness to collaborate shown by them are what makes The Cymbal Gloves worth returning to every new season.  We don't purchase the gloves because it helps ourselves, we purchase them because it helps each other."

Cooper Mannon

Cymbal Technician - Notre Dame Indoor Percussion


"We have used The Cymbal Gloves at Atlanta Quest for both rehearsal and performances since the 2013 season.  We love the ease of performing certain visuals while wearing the gloves as well as the protection of the hands and arms that the gloves offer.  Atanta Quest is very proud to be a part of the Κψμβοσ family and recommend The Cymbal Gloves to cymbal players everywhere!"

Adam Steltenpohl, Kellen Matthews, & Tim Norris

Cymbal Technicians- Atlanta Quest