We want to show you a side of DCI & WGI Cymbal Lines that most people never see. Get to know the road warriors themselves as they tour the country.

In Part 5 of Episode 6 of Seavine Spotlight we hear from our Κψµβοσ Scholarship winners on our offerings and how Seavine is bringing the cymbal community together!

Over the span of a summer, many DCI cymbal lines make it a point to get to know other cymbal performers from different corps. Listen to our Κψµβοσ Scholarship winners talk about our tight knit community.

Κψµβοσ lives and breathes on the words, "Different Methods, Same Madness." Take a listen to what this means to our 2016 DCI Scholarship winners!


This summer we got to know our Κψµβοσ Scholarship winners a little better. Listen to what they think the highlights of their summer tour was in Part 2 of Episode 6 of Seavine Spotlight!

Twice a year we give money to DCI and WGI cymbal players to help offset their membership fees via a scholarship we founded called, The Κψµβοσ Scholarship. Once the winners are selected we personally call each recipient to tell them. This is what it's like! Head to www.seavine.co/scholarship for more information.


The Infinity Percussion Ensemble has experienced expontential growth over the last few years. In Episode 5 of Seavine Spotlight we get to know the Infinity Cymbal Ensemble (ICE), what InfiniFam means to them and all about their creative process! 


Episode 4 of Seavine Spotlight goes behind the scenes with the world champion Rhythm X Plateline. Learn how they write visuals, juggle the WGI season with school life, and so much more.


Episode 3 of Seavine Spotlight brings us to the Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps Cymbal Line on the road this.  Learn more about what it's like to be in Crossmen, have two home shows, and so much more.


In episode 2 of Seavine Spotlight we get to know the 2016 Jersey Surf Cymbal Line. Learn about the show and their culture that makes Jersey Surf the great organization that it is!


In our first ever episode of Seavine Spotlight we had the pleasure of teaming up with the Madison Scouts Cymbal Line during their tour of the West Coast.  Hear from the corps director about why Madison Scouts love having a cymbal line, what it's like to be a part of the brotherhood, and what kind of emotions they feel when putting on The Cymbal Gloves!