The Hornline Gloves are a powerful tool for both performance and design in any marching ensemble. Read all about them here or purchase sample pairs here.

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Why The Hornline Gloves?

Why are The Hornline Gloves beneficial? Hear all about them from the perspective of The Blue Devil's Horn Sergeant, Kevin Tieck! From customization to sleekness and mobility, the best performers in the world love wearing The Hornline Gloves. 


Because the hornline gloves are more durable, you'll spend less money overall and use less gloves in a season.


With the hornline gloves, you'll have the design freedom to use any color or print you can dream of with your uniforms.


Safety first. The hornline gloves will protect marching performers from the heat of the day and wear and tear of the long days of rehearsal.

"Seavine Hornline Gloves and this exciting relationship are a wonderful addition to the BDPA family. The gloves look great, feel great, and can hold up to the intense daily demands of a top drum corps. And our designers love the freedom and ability to customize colors and prints to fully realize the corps' look with any given program." - Justin Heimbecker, CEO Blue Devils Performing Arts