Because of the elastic nature of The Hornline Gloves, they are able to keep up with intensity of day to day rehearsal and performances.


The Hornline Gloves are made of a high performance spandex material that allows them to be form fitting and streamline the uniform. 


With 70+ colors to choose from, we can match your Hornline Gloves to your uniform! Need one hand in red and the other in blue? We can do that too!


Why Seavine Hornline Gloves? We never understood why a mandatory piece of every performer's uniform was seen as disposable.  As a performer, you buy a $3 pair of cotton band gloves and after just a few uses (if you're that fortunate), they have holes, are dirty, and need to be replaced. As a teacher, you purchase hundreds upon hundreds of gloves at the beginning of your marching season, have to keep track of a large inventory throughout the season, and are handed petty cash haphazardly from your students to replace unusable gloves. With the Seavine Hornline Gloves, those days are over. 


Four great styles to choose from.

Long Full Hand

 Long No Fingertips

Short Full Hand

Short No Fingertips

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Every year the pageantry arts push the envelope. The Seavine Hornline Gloves are here to finally keep up with the performers, educators, and designers.