Seavine goes to PASIC with the Rhythm X Plateline!

We are excited to announce that Seavine owner Chelsea Levine will be presenting a clinic at PASIC 2017! This clinic is a year in the making and she couldn't be more excited for the opportunity to come to fruition. 


The clinic is entitled, "Teaching and Designing for Modern Marching Cymbals" and will include the 2017 Rhythm X Plateline and Drumset player as the demonstrators. This educational opportunity will be geared towards band and percussion directors who may not have a cymbal tech or cymbal experience. The goal is to give educators and designers the confidence they need to successfully and effectively field a modern marching cymbal line. 

Chelsea, with the help of RXP, will go through various training exercises for their foundation of technique as well as their ideologies of music and visual writing.

Huge thank you to PASIC, SABIAN Cymbals, and Rhythm X for helping make this happen. If you're interested in learning more about cymbals come check out the clinic on Friday November 10th at 4PM in room 205 of the Indiana Convention Center.

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Bluecoats Present Jagged Line and Seavine

We are proud to announce the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps are using The Hornline Gloves by Seavine for the 2017 DCI season! When we were approached by the Bluecoats to help outfit the hornline with their new uniforms we could not have been more excited.

With a fresh new look for their production of Jagged Line, Bloo contemplates the nature of contrast and variation through four iconic artists never afraid to explore the possibility of divergence. The Bluecoats we all know and love have a reputation for pushing the envelope and not being afraid to innovate within the marching arts. With larger than life props, hip music, and uniforms that no one has ever dreamed to be so cool, we are thrilled to be teamed up with such a prestigious organization. To learn more about #Bloo17 head to or on social media here.

The Blue Devils join Team Seavine with The Hornline Gloves!

We are ecstatic to announce that The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps are spearheading DCI with The Hornline Gloves by Seavine this summer! Discussions for this partnership have been a year in the making. To see the corps perform on the field with our products is immensely humbling.

"Seavine Hornline Gloves and this exciting relationship are a wonderful addition to the BDPA family. The gloves look great, feel great, and can hold up to the intense daily demands of a top drum corps. And our designers love the freedom and ability to customize colors and prints to fully realize the corps' look with any given program.” says Justin Heimbecker, CEO of BDPA.

With their 2017 production, Metamorph, The Blue Devils show the transformation of the marching activity through music, design, and costuming and where it’s going. Our helio colored Hornline Gloves are a hip addition to their diverse 2017 uniform.

For more information on The Hornline Gloves head to: or send an email to To follow BD on their summer tour give them a follow on social media or check out their website!

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2017 WGI Championships Media Coverage Sign up!

Much like last year, we will be in full force at WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH with our very own Pedro Rodriguez and media team! To make sure we get coverage of as many people as possible, we are looking to double check our list of performing groups using Seavine products this winter. If you and your group are wearing The Cymbal Gloves please fill out the form below.

We only need one person from each group to fill this out!

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DCI 2016 Wrap Up!

Wow, DCI 2016 was amazing beyond belief for the Seavine cymbal community! We had the most cymbal lines in DCI to date using our products, an aggressive media tour, competitive success, and another round of Κψµβοσ Scholarship winners worth bragging about.

Out of the 22 cymbal lines competing at Drum Corps International Championships in Indianapolis this August, 17 of those groups were sporting The Cymbal Gloves! There was a wide range of colors you’ve probably seen in photos for rehearsal and also when suiting up in uniform. Black, white, spruce, red, blue, and silver are some of the color pallets touring the country on the arms of cymbal players this summer.  Also notable were the corps like Spirit of Atlanta using our nylon cymbal straps and white Cymple Pad Covers to really deck out their cymbals and assist them with the execution of tricky visuals.  Helping us pioneer our Hornline Gloves on the field this summer was the Madison Scouts Cymbal Line.  They had the long full hand style in full uniform for protection, style, and finesse. We can’t thank the cymbal technicians and members enough for investing in our products and using them at such a high level.

With all of these incredible lines rocking our gear this summer, we wanted to make sure we took full advantage of capturing all the magic on video and in photos.  Our very own Pedro Rodriguez hit the road for over three weeks this summer and attended more than a dozen shows.  From the west coast, midwest, and even the swamp tour, Pedro was all over the place with his camera gear getting to know all of our cymbal players and techs.  With this, we launched Episode 1 of our new video series, Seavine Spotlight.  We took a closer look at what it means to be a part of the Madison Scouts Cymbal Line with exclusive interviews and footage from the line.  Episode two and three featuring the Jersey Surf Cymbal Line and the Crossmen Cymbal Line will be out in the very near future! Besides Seavine Spotlight, we also will be releasing all of the action packed lot videos for your viewing pleasure on and our YouTube channel.

Who says you can’t be competitively successful while fielding a cymbal line in a drum corps? Coming out on top in DCI Open Class with a gold medal and a high percussion trophy for icing on the cake was the Blue Devils B Cymbal Line! Not only did the BDB Cyms have some impressive hardware in open class, but they also finished in 15th places in world class semi finals! With their highest placement in over a decade, the Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps Cymbal Line placed 10th in world class finals.  We can’t thank these five enough for their class and grace this summer on and off the field. And last but not least, in arguably one of our favorite parts of the summer, the Oregon Crusaders Cymbal Line and the Madison Scouts Cymbal Line put together cymbal ensembles for this year’s i&e compettion performing “I Can” and “Cirque de la Rue” respectively.  Huge shoutout to System Blue for putting together the Performer’s Showcase this summer and setting such an amazing stage for all the ensembles.

Speaking of winners, this summer we awarded the 5th annual Κψµβοσ Scholarship in DCI. On semi-finals night, we met up with the four winners in front of Lucas Oil Stadium to present their awards.  Congratulations again to Alex Huizen of the Madison Scouts, Gabby Palao of Jersey Surf, Colton Huebel of the Crossmen, and Shannon Lynch of the Mandarins! You guys are role models for all!

And like that, the drum corps season has come to an end. Thank you again to all the incredible performers and teachers who put in the hard work this summer all around the country.  We can’t wait to do it all again next summer for you!

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