Application deadline is May 5th by 11:59 PST.

Open to all contracted members of 2017 DCI World and Open Class ensembles performing as a cymbal player and competing at DCI World Championships in Indianapolis, IN. Applicants must NOT be indebted to any organization (including prior WGI fees).

This scholarship is made possible by cymbal players, for cymbal players. Funds were raised by Seavine, which not only makes this scholarship a reality, but also puts a fantastic performance tool into the hands of cymbal players. This is a charitable scholarship, awarded to those who are most deserving of charitable funds.

All scholarships designated  will be awarded upon the basis of necessity as well as merit. Both of these will be adjudicated by a panel worthy to assess such qualifications. This panel will consist of current and former educators of cymbal lines, as well as established leaders in the pageantry community.

This scholarship will be awarded with the understanding that the recipients are dedicated to the idea that playing cymbals is a worthwhile medium in the pursuit of self-improvement, discipline, and performance opportunities. Recipients will demonstrate a strong allegiance to these ideologies as life-long goals, as well as the consideration that he or she is further committing him or herself as an example within the activity in which he or she chooses to participate. Recipients will also demonstrate an understanding that these are not merely ideologies with which to adhere oneself to, but to also pass along to others in the capacity of an example, a leader, an instructor, or all of the above.

Applicants must understand that all questions shall be answered in full and coherent sentences in paragraph (essay) format. Responses to questions not formatted in such a manner will be disregarded. Applicants also must understand that all answers are being adjudicated in an objective manner, and that utter transparency is being given full priority in the judging process. Any applicant who does not fulfill his or her membership contract (including finishing the current DCI season as a contracted cymbal player) will forfeit and refund his or her scholarship monies.

All performers will only agree to apply with the full understanding of that which has been stated above. As the premiere scholarship awarded to cymbal players, by cymbal players, the goal of this reward is to be professional in every manner and in no way subjective towards any cymbal program which may carry any type of reputation within the community of cymbal players.

Congratulations on your victory in gaining a position with a DCI ensemble. And, most of all, the very best of luck in applying towards the annual DCI Cymbal Scholarship. For cymbal players, by cymbal players.


Best of luck!,

Chelsea Levine

The Cymbal Scholarship Founder