Application deadline is May 4th, 2018 by 11:59 PST.

*****New application structure and guidelines, please read!!!*****

Welcome to the new and improved 2018 DCI Cymbal Scholarship! This big update to the scholarship is in hopes to get financial assistance to those that need it most.

Eligibility for The Cymbal Scholarship is for all contracted DCI cymbal players in Open and World Class for the 2018 season. No applicant can owe previous membership fees to any WGI or DCI ensemble.

The application is broken up into two main sections; one video submission and one essay question. Each applicant is to submit entries for both sections for full point consideration. Each part will be scored based off of 70% content and 30% delivery. We are excited to give applicants the opportunity to express themselves both in spoken and written format.

For the video submission please read the following information:

  • Video must be be a minimum length of 1 minute and 30 seconds and a maximum length of 4 minutes.

  • Please state your full name in the video

  • The applicant must be the sole person speaking in the submitted video

  • All video submissions must be uploaded to YouTube as UNLISTED (not public or private)

  • Any video that is not uploaded to YouTube as unlisted will not be considered for adjudication

  • Video submission WILL NOT be scored based off of editing skills, effects, or quality of camera

  • Score will be based off of financial need and delivery of your financial circumstances

For the essay submission please read the following information:

  • All essays should be submitted on the application

  • We highly recommend typing your essay in a word processing software and then copy and pasting it into the given area

  • For full point value, answer the given prompt in complete sentences with spelling, grammar, format, and completeness of thought with the utmost attention

  • Answers should be between 300-700 words.

The judging panel consists of former and current cymbal educators along with other qualified leaders within the marching community. It is important to remember that the adjudication process is objective but judging guidelines and rubrics are followed to the utmost detail and transparency.

In the event that you win The Cymbal Scholarship and do not finish your marching season, you are expected to return all scholarship monies to Seavine.

The Cymbal Scholarship is made possible by cymbal players and for cymbal players. The Cymbal Scholarship is fully funded by Seavine profits and is only possible by all of the incredible performers and educators that purchase our products such as The Cymbal Gloves.

We are incredibly excited to offer the only scholarship designated to those that play a unique part in the drumline as a marching cymbal player. Best of luck with your application and have a great DCI season!

Best of luck!,

The Cymbal Scholarship Advisory Board